THE ‘HIGH END YAARIYAN’ response very good

Chandigarh, The Punjab Live

Punjabi movies have been going from strength to strength! Every month we see something new and interesting from the industry.Now, we have the dynamic trio of Jassie Gill, Ninja and Ranjit Bawa coming together for the latest Punjabi flick ‘High End Yaariyan’.

The stars of the movie shared the highly anticipated trailer through their social media channels.

It’s a different and fresh approach to the Punjabi film industry, and we see a combination of well-known figures from the industry together for the first time. The flick has also been shot in in London, and the trailer shows off some of the best sights of the city.

The three-minute trailer follows the story of three friends who live in England. They go through numerous highs and lows, and eventually shows how their friendship has evolved over a period of time whilst living out of their native country. We can expect a lot of comedy and laughs from the trio, as they take us on an adventure throughout the movie.

‘High End Yaariyan’ is set to hit cinemas 22nd February.

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